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Brian MacAllister

Founder & Technician

Photograph of Brian MacAllister
Brian McAllister

Brian has been involved in the diving and marine business since 1975 working in the oil, gas and salvage business principally as a diver.

He has worked world-wide as an air diver/surface mixed gas diver/saturation bell diver and diver technician and 1 atmospheric submersible pilot.

He assisted in the early 1980s in the saturation exploration dives on the Lusitania. Brian was diving supervisor on the largest ever salvage project ever undertaken on the raising and removal of the 120,000 tonne cruise liner, Costa Concordia, off the coast of Italy.

Brian is now coming back to Ireland with his expertise to enter the Dive Tech industry, servicing and repairing SCUBA and commercial diving equipment.

Our Facilities

The Service Lab

Photo of the Test Centre's Service Lab

Our Service lab is ready for whatever equipment you can hand us with whatever fault you can imagine. We have everything we need to service and repair your equipment at this humble workstation.

The Test Station

Photo of the Test Centre's Test Station

We make sure that every piece of equipment that leaves the Test Centre is in top condition and that's where the Test Station comes in. We will rigorously inspect your equipment for any possible faults. We are fully equipped to keep you safe.

Sat Sam

Our Beloved Mascot

A portrait photo of Ocean Discovery's mascot, Sat Sam.
Sat Sam

His gear has to work, so he can go to work.

The way we see it Sam is the perfect symbol of everything we work for at Ocean Discovery. Built out of the specialist equipment we've accumulated over our years in the field; every strap, tube and screw has been taken care of and maintained. His parts may be old but they're looked after and kept good as new. The important thing is that he is ready to go. Because at the end of the day; his gear has to work, so he can go to work.